Top Best 7 TVs in India

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In this blog, you will be told about the Top Best 7 TVs in India which have been divided into different price segments, Some time ago there were very few brands of TVs., but But on seeing it, it kept increasing with time., So people started getting confused much more than this, this is the reason why this blog has been presented to you.

In this blog, TV has been selected keeping the four price segments in mind:-

1Around 30,000 price segment
2Around 35,000 price segment
3Around 40,000 price segment
4Around 45,000 price segment

S.NO.Product NameFull Review
1LG LM5650Read MoreCheck Price
2LG LM5600Read MoreCheck Price
3Sony W6600Read MoreCheck Price
4LG UM7290Read MoreCheck Price
5Samsung’s TU 7200.Read MoreCheck Price
6The LG UN 7300Read MoreCheck Price
7Samsung RU7470Read MoreCheck Price

{Now about 30,000 segment}

There can be LG LM5650 a good option in the price range of 30,000

LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 43LM5650PTA (Ceramic Black) (2020 Model)

LG LM5650 Best Values

 Active HDR | Display Type: Flat | BackLight Module: Slim LED

This is a full HD TV. It comes with very popular viewing angles, Comes with a web operating system all popular applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar Etc are all going to be seen on this TV. Also, this TV has a unique feature of a home dashboard, so that you can use all the smart apps and control them. You get a warranty for one year. You get a one-year extra warranty on the panel. This TV is the Best TV Under 30,000.

But if you increase your budget by 2, 2.5 thousand then you will get 2019`s LG LM5600

LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV 43LM5600PTC (Dark Iron Gray) (2019 Model)

LG LM5600 Best Values

AI ThinQ |One touch access to Netflix and amazon prime | Miracast (screen sharing) | AI launcher

Both models meet just in LM5600 you get to see the IPS panel, whose viewing angles are even better So here I would like to say if you want wide viewing angles then you LG LM5600 Can go with this.

{Now about 35,000 segment}

Now let’s talk about the under 35,000 price segment if you can spend 35,000, then here you will get to see lots of TVs. But at this price, Sony w6603 have been selected,


Sony W6600 Best Values

Smart TV Features: Smart TV | Screen Mirroring | Netflix | Amazon Prime Video | HDR Gaming

whose audio quality + video quality is better in comparison to Samsung & LG. But where the pros are, there are also cons. In this TV of Sony, you cannot connect Bluetooth to home theaters, soundbar, or headphones. Second cons, In this TV you come to the Leanex meas operating system, in which you will get applications like YouTube, Netflix. But you will not be able to install any other application in it There is no such thing as Playstore, whatever added applications come, they only meet Sony’s Updates. If you want to watch Hud content, standard content, then this TV is perfect for you.

But if you have an extra 1500 to spend, then you get a 4K TV of LG So let’s present LG`S UM7290


LG UM7290 Best Values

 4K IPS display | Wide viewing angle | 4K active HDR | 4K upscaler | DTS virtual: X

Which is the best selling TV of 2019, comes with a very good IPS panel, has very good viewing angles. Colors contrast is very good in this, you also get a feature with a home dashboard.

{Now about 40,000 segment}

If you talk about the under 40,000 price segment, then here you will see the models of LG, Samsung 2020. LG `s UN7300 And Samsung's Tu 7200.

Samsung 109 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43TU7200KBXL (Titan Grey) (2020 Model)

Samsung's TU 7200. Best Values

 LED Panel | Wide Colour Enhancer | HD Picture Quality | Slim & Stylish Design

Samsung`s TU 7200 comes with a VA panel With a very good color and contrast ratio and The LG UN 7300 comes with very good viewing angles.

LG 139.7 cm (55 Inches) Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV 55UN7300PTC (2020 Model, Black) (Black)

The LG UN 7300 Best Values

Active HDR, FilmMaker Mode, Bluetooth Surround Ready

Also, this TV has another feature, you get to see very good low input leg, so if you are fond of gaming. So you will get to see better experiences only in LG UN7300 You also get to see Smart Remort in the LG UN 7300 with very nice voiceable blue tooth.

{Now about 45,000 segment}

The next segment is in the under 45,000 categories, so here on this blog, two Samsung TVs have been selected for you in this blog. The first model is in 2019. RU 7470

Samsung 109 cm (43 Inches) UHD LED Smart TV UA43RU7470UXXL (Black) (2019 model)

Samsung RU7470 Best Values

 Real UHD | A+ Grade LED Panel | Superior Sleek | Slim and stylish design
Disclaimer text…

which was one of the highest-selling TV Last year is also selling a lot this year. So it also has very good viewing angles, despite having a UV panel. Here the contrast in the Colors is very rich and the viewing angles are also very good. The audio is very good on this TV as well as the second mode selected in the under 45,000 segments.

Samsung’s 8585 is the only model in Ultra HD models where you get to see dual backlighting features. Which Samsung has added to this year.

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