Top Best Refrigerators In India

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Want to get a refrigerator, but you do not have an idea which refrigerator will be the best for you, so So you don`t need to panic welcome to deesho. In this blog, you will be told about the Top Best Refrigerators In India as well as the types of refrigerators. You will be told by the blog.

Complete Buying Guide

Three parameters should be kept in mind before taking the fridge

  • First parameter, family size
  • Second parameter, space
  • Third parameter, direct & indirect cooling

First parameter, family size

Friends we have to see a lot of parameters before taking a refrigerator and the first parameter here is the capacity of the refrigerator And the capacity depends on how many people are staying at home If you stay single, then 50 liters to 100 liters fridge will be enough for you. Similarly, if there are 2-3 people in your house then it stays in a 150 to 200-liter refrigerator If you have a joint family, that is, if you have 10-12 people in your family, then a 650 to the 850-liter fridge is perfect for you. This is a very important parameter. Many people take a small fridge in a large family. Many people take a large fridge in a small family. So you have to make a capacity day according to your family and then take the fridge.

Second parameter, space

After this, the second parameter is now the Space for the fridge at home, do you have space to keep that refrigerator Many times people take the big fridge but they cannot keep it in the right place and that fridge stays in the living room in everyone’s display So it should not be like this, you have to select a dedicated space. The dimensions of that space have to be calibrated. With the dimensions that are made, you have to take 3,3 inches and you have to take the refrigerator keeping in mind all these parameters.

Third parameter, direct & indirect cooling

The third parameter is defrosting, here two technologies are freeze, first technology is direct cool. And the second is Indirect Cools first talks about direct cool refrigerators. , Direct Cool Fridge Price Is Lower In comparison to Indirect Cool Or Frost Free Refrigerator Also, the electric consumption is also a little less, but where the pros are, the con is also In a direct cool refrigerator, you have to do manual defrosting i.e. once in 10 days or once in 7 days you have to remove ice. Manually, it can be a con for those who do not have time to do this manual work. So these frost-free fridges come for them Although it is a bit costlier The electrical consumption is a bit much but you don’t have to do manual defrosting Also the vegetables which are slightly more fresh in comparison with direct cool fridge

Categories of refrigerators

After this, you have to decide how many door refrigerators do you need ,

Refrigerators comes in 4 types

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Triple door
  • Side by side door

{Single door refrigerators}

Talking about single door refrigerators, there are two compartments in the same door. The top part is Basically the fridge compartment and the bottom part is the fridge compartment.

{Double door refrigerators}

Now talk about the double door fridge, you get two separate compartments in it. There is a compartment of Freidger and one compartment is of fridge Nowadays there are also refrigerators whose fridge compartment is up and the fridge compartment is below.

{Tripple door Refrigerators}

After this talk about triple door fridge, you get three compartments in it one Of a fridge other of a fridge, and a dedicated compartment for vegetables.

{Side by side refrigerators}

Also, if you talk about side by side refrigerators, it only comes with a large capacity refrigerator. That is, in the fridge of 550 to 850 capacity, you will find side by side doors that open from both sides. Now talk about electricity consumption, the more stars there are, the more chances will be of saving electricity.

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